Are Novelty Phones Here to Stay?

Newer devices always cause a lot of excitement and as we head towards the holiday period where the next big flagships will look to be announced, the mobile market is in the stage of the year where it’s heating up again. One of the latest trends to emerge has been in the style of device that’s considered to be more novelty, or more enthusiastic leaning as folding and flip phones have started to emerge – whilst still in their early phase, they’re receiving a lot of press for being something so different, and with some pros and some cons it’s difficult to know where they’ll be in a shorter period of time, but are they here to stay, or look to fade away in the future?

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Useability is important – Whilst the flip form is something that has bene long used in the past and has its place, the folding form is something a little different. In its resting state, it’s a bit taller and a bit slimmer than modern phones, and in its unfolded state it is much larger – this means that apps and features on the phone need to run in two different resolutions and is why so many apps don’t function too well on these devices. Useability in the comfort of home is able to work well too but being out on the road brings up more questions – remote working comes to mind here as when searching online for more information around lifestyle changes like becoming a digital nomad for example, mobile devices are a huge tip often given, and useability in situations like this will be key. Continue reading %s

Why Videogames Are Useful

Video games have proven to be widely popular with the population and it is not a stretch to say that they have become something of a phenomenon. This is incredible considering how they were first received by the public. Those who grew up during this time would know how they were viewed with much caution and even disapproval as they were an unknown technology that seemed to capture the attention of children and draw them away from doing more productive things. Fortunately, those attitudes have calmed down somewhat, and gaming is now the most profitable industry in entertainment.

However, video games are not just popular, they are also extremely useful to those who choose to play them. This can be seen through the mental and physiological effects they create, some of which would have proved useful during the recent lockdowns. As a result of recent world events, many were confined to their homes where they would have undoubtedly searched for ways to pass the time via entertainment. Some may have opted to participate in activities such as playing at online casinos. Some of them are still popular in the face of the allure of physical casinos, and many choose to play online due to the convenience the platform offers. Many more people would have used gaming as their primary source of entertainment though due to the benefits received from playing. Continue reading %s

Best Bits Of Technology On The Market Right Now For The Everyday Consumer

We have seen technology over the past couple of decades advance at a ridiculous rate, that the whole world has been totally digitalised and we can’t get about our everyday lives without the use of technology, especially using our smartphones. Due to this, there is a whole host of technology out there that is worthy of purchasing due to the way that it can impact our lives so today we thought we’d look at some of the best bits of technology on the market right now for the everyday consumer.

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Essential Applications and Tools that will make Your Twitter life Easier

There is no doubt that one of the most popular and outstanding product in the social media is Twitter. You can easily find a lot of mention about this social media platform in the form of Twitter books, Twitter Conferences, blogs and articles. For someone who wants to explore this platform to its fullest, here are some essential applications and tools that will make your Twitter life easier:

This is an absolutely free tool that assists in managing multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and This tool lets you personalize a number of columns to enable you view a number of feeds from the same or different social networking accounts. Over and above, HootSuite also allows you to generate messages and choose the social media account that you wish the message to go to.


With this account, you can track continuous feeds, searches and accounts. This tool also lets you preset continuous searches for all your brand mentions and auto-follow those who have mentioned it. Additionally, you can also set up email alerts when your brand gets a mention on the web. This way you make sure you do not miss a chance to respond to your mentions.


This is a free desktop browser that allows you to keep a track of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn activities from various accounts. You can also update your accounts, follow the saved topics, manage @ conversations and direct messages. Not only this, it also allows you to record and share YouTube videos. Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter. Continue reading %s

Check Out These 4 Wearable Tech Gadgets You Probably Missed

Move over Apple Watch. Step aside, Android Wear: you two aren’t the only games in town. While most people are still buzzing over some kind of Android vs. Apple war, there are plenty of great startups and even established companies that are turning to wearable technologies. Smart watches and bands aren’t necessarily new, but they’re getting interesting updates that make us very excited for the future. After all, why shouldn’t you have an app that really monitors what you’re doing, how you’re taking care of yourself, and helps you make smart changes to your health? The future just looks better and better.

But since we’re trying to move away from the “big stuff”, who else is shaking up this space? Glad you asked. Below are four interesting examples of wearable tech that you might have missed.

1. Nixie


People that lead active lifestyles love to post about it on social media. But trying to take a good action shot can be difficult if you’re into extreme sports. Even if you’re just trying to perfect the ultimate skateboard trick, you don’t want to pause too long to take pictures.

So, imagine having a camera that lives on your wrist and then flies around to take a shot at the perfect time? Not only can you take still photos with Nixie, but you can get great videos that capture all of your adrenaline junkie moments. We really liked seeing Nixie in action, and imagined it would be something cool to check out very soon.

2. Blocks


Ever wanted to take a smartwatch and fine tune it to meet your meets? Well, Blocks helps you fulfill that need. It’s still in the pre-launch phase, which means that it’s not quite ready yet. What makes Blocks so interesting is that it’s designed form the ground up to be modular. So if you want a personal assistant on your wrist, you can get that. If you want to focus more on travel, you can do that. Just about everything you can think of can be accomplished by mixing and matching different modules together. That type of custom experience can be difficult to have through other channels, which is why it’s cool to see it here. Continue reading %s