Check Out These 4 Wearable Tech Gadgets You Probably Missed

Move over Apple Watch. Step aside, Android Wear: you two aren’t the only games in town. While most people are still buzzing over some kind of Android vs. Apple war, there are plenty of great startups and even established companies that are turning to wearable technologies. Smart watches and bands aren’t necessarily new, but they’re getting interesting updates that make us very excited for the future. After all, why shouldn’t you have an app that really monitors what you’re doing, how you’re taking care of yourself, and helps you make smart changes to your health? The future just looks better and better.

But since we’re trying to move away from the “big stuff”, who else is shaking up this space? Glad you asked. Below are four interesting examples of wearable tech that you might have missed.

1. Nixie


People that lead active lifestyles love to post about it on social media. But trying to take a good action shot can be difficult if you’re into extreme sports. Even if you’re just trying to perfect the ultimate skateboard trick, you don’t want to pause too long to take pictures.

So, imagine having a camera that lives on your wrist and then flies around to take a shot at the perfect time? Not only can you take still photos with Nixie, but you can get great videos that capture all of your adrenaline junkie moments. We really liked seeing Nixie in action, and imagined it would be something cool to check out very soon.

2. Blocks


Ever wanted to take a smartwatch and fine tune it to meet your meets? Well, Blocks helps you fulfill that need. It’s still in the pre-launch phase, which means that it’s not quite ready yet. What makes Blocks so interesting is that it’s designed form the ground up to be modular. So if you want a personal assistant on your wrist, you can get that. If you want to focus more on travel, you can do that. Just about everything you can think of can be accomplished by mixing and matching different modules together. That type of custom experience can be difficult to have through other channels, which is why it’s cool to see it here.

3. Ringly


Let’s go small for this next piece of wearable tech. It’s called Ringly, and as you might imagine, this gadget fits on your finger. Ringly’s chief purpose is to make you aware of what’s going on within your phone’s world, without you having to put your phone in hand. In other words, you’re freeing yourself from your phone without losing anything. You could leave your phone aside and focus on other activities, paying attention only when Ringly lets you know that something’s important. There are a lot of customization options here, which is another thing that we like to see with good wearables.

4. Skully


Skully was a crowdfunding darling, racking up a very impressive million dollars. For a helmet that starts at roughly $1300, that’s quite a big deal. Skully brings a ton of features to the table, including the ability to have a heads-up display that’s comfortable for you to look at as you ride your motorcycle. You can place a phone call on the helmet without taking it off, and if you need directions they’re easily available as well. Some have had concerns about the safety of making calls and having so many distractions around you while driving. However, there’s always going to be some sort of distraction. Seasoned motorcycle riders will welcome the convenience that Skully brings to the table. The first round of Skully helmets will arrive soon.

There are plenty of great wearables in this technology. It would take several articles to go through all of them. We’ll keep bringing you the best ones that represent all of the innovation the industry has to offer. Of course, there’s always someone trying to create the next best thing, but that’s good news for the rest of us. Stay tuned and if you see something that we should talk about, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!