Home Improvement

What Home Improvements Can You Make to Boost Your Quality of Life?

Improving one’s house has long been identified as vital for a healthy and happy lifestyle. As many families and individuals have been forced to stay at home and work from home due to global events such as the worldwide COVID epidemic. Because of this, a huge number of people have decided to improve or repair their properties in many ways.

Thousands of vacations were cancelled because of the pandemic; as a result, these people used their vacation money to enhance their homes, which is a great idea because it will the home improvements or repairs will last a long time or even a lifetime. Continue reading %s

5 Common Roof Problems

We’ve been talking about roofing repairs and problems before. Since you’re watching your finances a bit more closely, it’s important that you stop problems before they continue to build. It might not seem like much, but before you know it, you could be looking at tens of thousands of pounds worth of damages. Minor leaks can destroy a ceiling, ultimately weakening the structure of your home.

Not sure what common roofing problems may be lurking? Since we can’t see your home, we couldn’t begin to tell you how to take care of your roof specifically. But we can tell that you need to start looking at certain problems that are extremely common.

Roof Problems

The first common problem is a roof that’s falling apart due to the sun’s rays. UV exposure has a tendency to weaken roofs over time, with asphalt-based roofs being hit the hardest. When a roof is at its breaking point, the shingles will start to dry out and then crack open, getting super loose instead of being close to the surface. In bad conditions, the roof shingles can start falling down to the ground. Underneath your roof is sheathing that is extremely sensitive to the elements. Once that sheathing starts breaking apart, and then you’re really in trouble.

Think the sun’s exposure is bad? Wait till you take a look at what ice and snow can do to the roof. When the ice melts, it gets under the shingles. In its liquid form, it’s destructive…but when it turns back into ice, it pushes the shingles as well as the roof’s flashing. More water enters, and the process repeats itself. This is why checking your roof regularly is extremely important. If you can’t fit up there or you’re too scared to do the task, you can hire this out to a professional like Style by Carden Exteriors Inc as well. Continue reading %s