What is water filtration?

Water filtration is a process that removes impurities such as small particles of dust from drinking water. Many people choose to use water filtration systems on tap water to ensure that the water is completely clean prior to drinking.

How is water filtered?

Water is filtered by passing it through small gauze which traps the dirt particles, leaving safe drinking water behind. Although the tap water in the UK is safe to drink, many people still choose to filter their water before drinking.  This may be because they are concerned about the chemicals or particles which may be present or because they find the test of filtered water preferable. Whatever the reason, filtering your water ensures that what you drink is safe and delicious.

What is a home filtration system?

A home filtration system is any device or system of devices responsible for filtering and purifying water prior to drinking.

People are often torn as to whether they should invest in a home filtration system for their tap water or not. While it is not strictly necessary, many people prefer the taste of filtered water and feel that having filtered water gives them complete peace of mind that they are not consuming any harmful chemicals at all. Continue reading %s