Essential Applications and Tools that will make Your Twitter life Easier

There is no doubt that one of the most popular and outstanding product in the social media is Twitter. You can easily find a lot of mention about this social media platform in the form of Twitter books, Twitter Conferences, blogs and articles. For someone who wants to explore this platform to its fullest, here are some essential applications and tools that will make your Twitter life easier:

This is an absolutely free tool that assists in managing multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and This tool lets you personalize a number of columns to enable you view a number of feeds from the same or different social networking accounts. Over and above, HootSuite also allows you to generate messages and choose the social media account that you wish the message to go to.


With this account, you can track continuous feeds, searches and accounts. This tool also lets you preset continuous searches for all your brand mentions and auto-follow those who have mentioned it. Additionally, you can also set up email alerts when your brand gets a mention on the web. This way you make sure you do not miss a chance to respond to your mentions.


This is a free desktop browser that allows you to keep a track of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn activities from various accounts. You can also update your accounts, follow the saved topics, manage @ conversations and direct messages. Not only this, it also allows you to record and share YouTube videos. Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter.


This Twitter management tool which is currently available in Beta version, gives a very clear and visual view of social activities. It uses an interface similar to e-mail and other social media platforms appear in the center of the screen as a list. It also enables you to add public or private tags and thus manage groups. Once tags are assigned, everyone in the group can be seen in a widget of their own.


This is a Firefox notification that updates you frequently. You have the liberty to set up the frequency of updates ranging from every minute to every five minutes. You can also choose the way you want to get notified, by a notification sound or only a pop up display. You can also sync your iPhone with it. This free of charge application comes with four different and unique themes. The speed with which Echofon updates you makes it worth a try.


This was initially launched in 2009 and ever since then this shiny interfaced application has not looked back. This has been one of the favorite go-to apps for Mac users since then. This enables you to manage a large number of Twitter accounts with the facilities of direct messages, search and easy access to replies. For Community managers or social media marketers, this tool makes the entire thread and conversation history available with just a double click. It offers five choices to shorten URLs and three choices for image hosting. The only drawback with Tweetie is that it is only available for iPhone and Mac users. (Owned by Twitter now).


This is again a web based site for Twitter management that allows you to schedule, manage, save and translate your Tweets. It is accessible from anywhere since it is web based. Twaitter also has a spellchecker to check your tweet for any error in the 140 characters. With its simple and functional scheduling feature, this application becomes a frontrunner among Twitter management apps.

For whatever kind of a user of Twitter you are, there is an app for you. Whether you dedicate only a few minutes to Twitter as a casual social media surfer or you use it commercially spending hours to monitor activities in your accounts, these 7 apps will come in handy to make your Twitter lives more efficient and easy.