Best Bits Of Technology On The Market Right Now For The Everyday Consumer

We have seen technology over the past couple of decades advance at a ridiculous rate, that the whole world has been totally digitalised and we can’t get about our everyday lives without the use of technology, especially using our smartphones. Due to this, there is a whole host of technology out there that is worthy of purchasing due to the way that it can impact our lives so today we thought we’d look at some of the best bits of technology on the market right now for the everyday consumer.

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The Unending GameStop Drama

Following a tough year, many of us had spent time looking for ways to diversify our income options and explore other ways of making a little extra – there have been a huge number of different options explored  throughout this period of time whether it be an increasing number of people turning to platforms such as online gaming as here are some non gamstop casinos that have grown in popularity for example, or even those looking for another gamble as they turn to retail trading and the stock market as another way to make money. This is certainly a space that has hit the headlines too, with the rapidly growing Reddit community of WallStreetBets making news with a direct challenge to some of the biggest established names on Wall Street itself, and whilst there have been a number of stocks that have become the target of this, GameStop is certainly the biggest.

The change had come as a challenge to the short position taken by Wall Street, and it saw the GameStop position change from around $20 per share, all the way up to $400 per year, and back down once again in a bit of a rollercoaster ride for all of those aboard and has been up and down ever since. Many have been looking for the moment where big change could be on the way, and it seems that time has come as the unending GameStop drama has thrown another wrench in the works – this comes as a recent announcement made suggests that GameStop will be paying off the entirety of their existing debt of $216.4 million which had initially been aimed at for 2023, and may perhaps lead to another big change that could have a wider impact on the stock market.

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Since the announcement, some have taken a bit of a detective dive into the possibilities from this with a potential explored that the clearing of debt could mean there may be dividend options available moving forward which could mean a changing position on those current holding shorts with the need to cover that position – this change could lead to a huge adjustment in prices on the market once again, and could be a huge turning point for those holding out waiting for the price to increase.

Whatever happens is certainly an interesting situation as a whole, and this won’t be the end of whatever drama comes from the ongoing changing market too – for many who have bought in to not only GameStop but many of the other big stocks too such as AMC, this could be a long haul type of deal as many have since buckled up to see it through as far as possible – and with ongoing investigations into the entire retail trading set-up and how the platforms had handled the current market too, there could be big changes on the way for retail trading as a whole to perhaps be more in favour of the customers given the troubles found earlier this year.

What is water filtration?

Water filtration is a process that removes impurities such as small particles of dust from drinking water. Many people choose to use water filtration systems on tap water to ensure that the water is completely clean prior to drinking.

How is water filtered?

Water is filtered by passing it through small gauze which traps the dirt particles, leaving safe drinking water behind. Although the tap water in the UK is safe to drink, many people still choose to filter their water before drinking.  This may be because they are concerned about the chemicals or particles which may be present or because they find the test of filtered water preferable. Whatever the reason, filtering your water ensures that what you drink is safe and delicious.

What is a home filtration system?

A home filtration system is any device or system of devices responsible for filtering and purifying water prior to drinking.

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The answers to why Prepaid Payroll Card is becoming the preferred choice for Businesses

Utilising prepaid payroll cards offers great incentives, whether you are personally responsible for managing payroll activities within your growing business or otherwise employing a team of accountants to handle the numbers. The application of this financial product can be exceedingly beneficial to both you and your employees alike.

The customary process of paying through the use of cheques or by direct deposit contains inconvenience that are not only detrimental but also incredibly risky due to the potential of identity theft and numerous other fraud related hazards. Prepaid payroll card operates just like any other traditional bank issued credit and debit card, which allows your company to load money directly to the employee’s cards on a specific day such as when salaries are due, otherwise known as payday.

Below are multiple key benefits of switching to and using a prepaid payroll card for business activities:

Prepaid Payroll Card

Decrease Payroll Handling Tasks

For the added benefit of efficiency and expediency, a busy business owner would be considering alternative ways to reduce unnecessary paperwork and streamline the various practices that are being handled. Payroll is generally one of the most labor demanding core tasks that businesses need to manage. Thankfully this process can be simplified through paying personnel electronically and supplying them receipts after each payroll rotation. This removes the necessity for cutting cheques, approving direct deposit payments, as well as simplifying all activities associated with managing payroll payments and accounting. Continue reading %s

Essential Applications and Tools that will make Your Twitter life Easier

There is no doubt that one of the most popular and outstanding product in the social media is Twitter. You can easily find a lot of mention about this social media platform in the form of Twitter books, Twitter Conferences, blogs and articles. For someone who wants to explore this platform to its fullest, here are some essential applications and tools that will make your Twitter life easier:

This is an absolutely free tool that assists in managing multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and This tool lets you personalize a number of columns to enable you view a number of feeds from the same or different social networking accounts. Over and above, HootSuite also allows you to generate messages and choose the social media account that you wish the message to go to.


With this account, you can track continuous feeds, searches and accounts. This tool also lets you preset continuous searches for all your brand mentions and auto-follow those who have mentioned it. Additionally, you can also set up email alerts when your brand gets a mention on the web. This way you make sure you do not miss a chance to respond to your mentions.


This is a free desktop browser that allows you to keep a track of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn activities from various accounts. You can also update your accounts, follow the saved topics, manage @ conversations and direct messages. Not only this, it also allows you to record and share YouTube videos. Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter. Continue reading %s

3 killer Reasons your rented property needs a Letting Agent

If interest rates are low and the stock market is unpredictable, purchasing a buy-to-let property is a shrewd investment opportunity – and although the market is not quite the goldmine it was during the boom years, it has gone through something of a revival recently.

Consequently, if you’re looking to hop on board the buy-to-let gravy train, or if you’re already in possession of a property, it’s vital to ensure the process of renting out a flat or house is managed efficiently.

Regardless if you’re offering flats to rent in Paisley or a bungalow in Birmingham, you can alleviate stress by involving a qualified and experienced letting agent to help you manage all aspects of the process.

Read our three killer reasons to find out why a letting agent is essential …

Letting Agent

Rapport with your tenant is unlikely to suffer

By employing a letting agent to manage your affairs and deal with the tenant on your behalf, the relationship between you and the occupant is shielded, with the agent used as something of a human buffer. Of course, this is beneficial to both parties, as it ensures any tenant grievances are dealt with swiftly and professionally, which offers you unrivalled peace of mind for an affordable monthly fee paid to the agency.

Time taken to fill a property decreases

If you need a tenant to fill your property, a letting agency can make that happen quickly and efficiently. Rather than placing an ad on Gumtree or in the window of the local post office, the agency can post details of your flat or house on their website, which allows the property to reach a wider audience. Quite simply, the advent of the internet has made property shopping an online experience, so it’s essential your buy-to-let receives the coverage it deserves.

Agents sort any issues your tenants may have

If you purchase a buy-to-let, it’s highly likely you will be involved in other time consuming projects, or still be employed full-time. Accordingly, a letting agent can deal with any problems that may arise with your property or your tenants before it evolves into a full-scale disaster. Owners who want the reassurance of knowing their property is in safe hands, then, should look to hire a letting agent to quickly nip problems in the bud and keep their tenants happy as a result.

10 Common Champagne Mistakes

At first glance, Champagne seems like a straightforward drink: You pop the cork, it fizzes, you pour it into a glass and enjoy it.

But for the inexperienced, there are several common mistakes which can make champagne a bitter drink, indeed! Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid if you want your champagne experience to be the very best.

Mistake #1: Spending Too Much Money

Champagne is a prestigious drink that has its roots in French nobility. Even today, it is associated with wealth and affluence. The price tag often reflects this fact, with vintage bottles selling for hundreds of dollars apiece.

Don’t let your champagne purchase become tainted by buyer’s remorse. Some wine merchants will try to sell you the most expensive brands, especially if they sense that you’re a new buyer with lots of money to spend. You can fight this upsell strategy by defining your budget beforehand, and sticking to it.

Remember: There are hundreds of champagne brands with quality offerings in every price range. A little research will point you toward the best brand for your special occasion.


Mistake #2: Popping the Cork

Flying corks can be amusing, but real champagne connoisseurs know better than to waste their beverage by letting it erupt all over their guests. To open the bottle the right way, keep the champagne chilled at 45 degrees for a couple of hours. Avoid moving or disrupting the bottle during this time.

When it’s time to serve the drinks, gently remove the bottle and hold the neck with a towel. Drape the towel over the cork and carefully remove the wire cage. The cork might pop at this point, but the towel will prevent spills and mishaps.

If the cork did not pop, lay the bottle on its side and grip the cork through the towel. Use your other hand to turn the bottle until the cork comes free.

Mistake #3: Improper Storage

In order to taste its best, champagne must be stored in a cool, dark place where it is protected from sunlight and disturbance. The bottles should be stored horizontally so that the liquid inside stays in contact with the cork. (A dry cork allows air to enter the bottle, degrading the flavor of the champagne.)

The best place to store champagne is in a dedicated wine cellar, a dark cabinet in an out-of-the-way place, or the back of your closet. An ambient temperature of 45 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with about 70% humidity, is optimal. Never store champagne in a refrigerator for more than a few hours prior to serving, or you could get a nasty-tasting surprise!

Mistake #4: Gulping it Down

Fine wines should be savored with all the senses, giving the drinker an unforgettable experience rather than a quick taste. Never gulp down your champagne without first inhaling its aroma, feeling the bubbles on your lips, and swishing a bit around in your mouth before swallowing. If you’re pairing your champagne with cheese or fruit, take a nibble just before you sip to really bring out the flavor of both food and champagne.

Just like you wouldn’t want to wolf down a meal of lobster and filet mignon, you don’t want to chug your champagne. Besides missing out on a truly sensual experience, you could get an embarrassing case of gas from all of those bubbles! Drink it slowly to make the enjoyment last. Continue reading %s